Getting your message across in English!

If any of the below apply to you...

You have spent time crafting a perfect document in French and want the English version to match its quality,
Your text is very technical and you need someone who is comfortable with the content to translate it accurately into English,
You have written fantastic copy for a French audience and want to make sure its translation is suitable for the English-speaking market,
You are confident writing your own ideas in English, but would like someone to iron out any creases, have come to the right place. I can help!

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I’m Lucy O’Shea and it is my passion to make sure your words have a real impact on your audience. After six years working in France, firstly teaching English in universities and prestigious engineering schools then translating in-house for the aerospace industry, I started this business to help companies like yours grow internationally, by making sure the quality of your English matches the quality of your service or product.

Because I understand that every client has a different objective, we will work in cooperation to ensure I provide you with high-quality text in English that fully suits your needs.

Work with me

Need something translated or edited? Contact me to tell me more about your business and the objective of your project. We will get to know each other a little better and discuss your needs free of charge.

Once I have understood the purpose of your project and you have given me the go-ahead, I will transform your text to meet your specific requirements. By focusing on your objectives, I will provide you with a customised offer, for an end result that completely fits your purpose.

By working together one-on-one, we can create an image tailored to your business, enabling you to have an English presence that reflects the value of your company.

Together, we will make sure the quality of your text generates and retains custom for you.

Contacts translatingmatters @LucyO86

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